I am Demetria Bilbrew, the Chief Prayer Warrior of the group.

We are a global helpmeet community that encourages and supports its members to seek God on behalf of their husbands and families.

The guiding principle of the tribe is for wives to radically seek God to fill their hearts to become more effective in their God-given roles. By devoting private time with God, wives can uplift their husbands from a place of abundance, rather than depletion. “You cannot pour from an empty pitcher,” is one of my favorite mantras.

In December 2019, I was given a divine assignment to pray with wives on various topics each morning for 40 days. This birthed the 40-Day Prayer Challenge for Wives, which ran from January to February, 2020. Each morning, we sought God for our spiritual, emotional, physical, financial or spousal needs. The objective of the challenge was for us to become “suitable helpmeets” by developing a closer relationship with God individually. Consequently, we spent 34 days praying for ourselves. As a result, we witnessed many prayers answered and miracles performed.

“Praying Wives Tribe” Facebook Group is our hub, where we share prayer requests, announcements and inspiration. Each month, we gather for a live prayer session on Facebook and Periscope (just like during the challenge). Special guests provide wellness tips to keep the tribe abreast of new ways to refresh quarterly.

If you are a wife who has been searching for a community of fellow wives, feel free to connect with us today!

  • If you’re a wife, more than likely, you’re juggling “several” responsibilities – on a good day.
  • Your “To Do” List is endless, and your proverbial “plate” is full.
  • You feel exhausted, and your spiritual vessel is depleted.
  • To handle all your tasks efficiently, you will need more energy, and that will take prayer…. lots of prayer.
  • Good news!
  • The prayer journal you’ve been searching for is available now!
  • Learn how to draw closer to God to serve your husband and family from a full heart.
  • Approach your role as a wife in a new, uplifting way.

After working through this journal, you will:

  • Experience 40 days of self-reflection and clarity
  • Create “Victory Confessions” to declare over your marriage and yourself
  • Chart a custom prayer plan based on your devotion time


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